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In our hands on approach to cleaning up the communities in Detroit, we found that more than basic tools are required to remove the blight.  In addition to the basic tools such as weed wackers, rakes, lopers, walk behind lawn mowers, and etc., riding lawn mowers, chain saws, generators, circular saws, etc. are needed to be more effective and efficient, thus cutting project time substantially.  This will give rise to many more successful cleanup projects which can impact revitalization and spur low income and underserved community and the city as a whole.  Therefore we decided to create an organization that can cater to these needs.


Our goal is to create sustainable communities, improve physical environment  and access to quality education, foster livable, healthy, and safe environments (public safety and crime prevention) supported by volunteers, grants and donations.  Compassion and high-quality project management are community assets that sustains hope and fosters quality of life, and we need people who believe in it to support our work.  We want to work with the community, other groups and organizations to help activate the change necessary to enable Detroit's recovery and resurgence.

The founder/President/Project Manager is a board member and has a diverse background in successful program and project management, creating functional operational and financial programs and performance indicators and processes.  She is a planner, organizer and implementor of productive projects in the city and was the Vice President of another community development corporation for a number of years. Further, she brings an understanding of business and has an MBA in human resources and a BBA with a concentration in finance and accounting. 


Over the years, we have been working diligently leading Detroit toward a better future.  Again, our hands on approach has given us a personal feel of the tools needed to remove blight in the communities and incorporate a sustainment program for the areas we clear. 





See how we maximize funds. 


We organized a 2014 fall blight removal and cleanup project in the northeast section of Detroit (Dequindre Road, Orleans and Riopelle Streets between Victor Street and E. Davison Freeway). There were approximately 194 lots (vacant lots and lots with abandoned houses). The blight removal and clean up effort was projected to cost $10,075.00; we succeeded in this task for a total of $3,194.45.  This total came from donations and a grant from Michigan Community Resources. With these resources and the many volunteers that were so generous with their time and tools, we were able to complete approximately 97 percent of the scheduled work in the targeted area. Due to inclimate weather, we were unable to complete the final 3 percent but will do so in the spring of 2015.


Wow! We were able to do all this work at less than 32 percent of the projected costs. Look how far your donations can go and the positive impact you will have.

Thanks to the Department of Neighborhoods District 3 Manager- Garry Bulluck, Michigan Community Resources, City Year, Lots of Love, Young Detroit Builders, Team 313, Wayne County Sheriff Department, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Youths and Members, Home Depot - Farmington Hills (Northwestern Hwy.), Chicken and Fish Southfield (10 Mile/Telegraph), Little Ceasar Pizzeria - Hamtramck (Joseph Campau).

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