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The Resource Community Development Corporation (RCDC) is an independent, 100% volunteer based, Michigan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has the promotion of community development, in Detroit, as part of its goals.  Our board has a diverse background who gained their skills and knowledge from both formal qualifications and through practice.  We receive no compensation and have no employees.  Our mission is to promote community redevelopment; improve the local community and quality of life; collaborate and foster partnerships with grass root local and national organizations and groups with similar strategic plans, goals and objectives. 


RCDC’s role of community development is to support the people we serve and help community groups identify and articulate their needs, and to take practical, collective action to address them.  We believe that community development is an opportunity to bring about change that is empowering, fair and inclusive.


Our purpose and strategic framework include:


     - removing blight and cleaning up neighborhoods in an effort to decrease crime, eliminate dumping, and improve safety within neighborhoods in the city of Detroit.


     - preventing community deterioration and building stronger families and communities in low to moderate income and underserved areas.


     - supporting and conducting education, life skills and informational activities to raise the level of adult literacy, self-confidence, empowerment, better health, economic growth and increase public awareness of functional illiteracy in metro Detroit.


     - having the proper equipment to use and lend to clear the overgrown lots plaguing the neighborhoods in metro Detroit low income and underserved neighborhoods.


     - purchasing, owning, and providing affordable housing for persons of low and moderate income.


The blighted areas have overgrown to the point it has become necessary to expand on the types of equipment used to clear the properties.  RCDC decided to develop a nonprofit that can respond to this need, by having the required equipment available to lend out to organizations and groups with community cleanup projects in targeted areas, so that the areas on and around properties can be cleared more efficiently and effectively.


We want to continue demonstrating support and commitment to the neighborhoods in Detroit. The heavy duty equipment will expand the areas that we, other organizations and/or groups can target thereby enabling all to service more communities each year.  Donations will assist us in making the equipment available and moving our strategic plan forward to a more efficient and sustainable city -  thereby improving the quality of life and business in Detroit.


RCDC believes that community development can address issues of power and inequality, and can help competing community voices to be heard.  It can also create communities that are more resilient to stress, preventing tensions from spilling into unrest.










Help us bring hope back to the city of Detroit.  The city shall be  restored.

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